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Employers liability insurance

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Employers liability insurance

Employers liability insurance

Whilst you may be aware that there is no legal requirement in the UK for public liability, you will need an employers liability insurance policy if you have any employees or labour only sub-contractors, failure to do so could lead to your business being fined at best. We understand that employers liability can be expensive which is why we have secured special rates with insurers to make sure we can provide some of the lowest quotes on the internet!

What is employers liability insurance?

An employers liability policy provides cover for your business against any liability claims an employee makes against you for an injury they receive whilst working under your direction, for example if you had an employee working on a ladder and they fell injuring themselves then they may hold you liable for large compensation claims which is where your insurance policy would come into effect.

Liability insurance

Employers liability workers Employers liability differs from public liability in the fact that public liability is a policy to provide cover against any injury or property damage you cause to a third party(such as the client) during the course of your work. You can find out more about public liability insurance by reading through our front page.

Employers liability insurance quote

Employees Obtaining an employers liability quote couldn't be easier with our unique online quotation system which searches for premiums from several different insurers at once meaning you know longer have to spend hours searching around yourself. Not only can we do employers liability insurance tradesman policies but also provide cover for professional occupations.

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